Be You!

By: ShereenaMonique

Oct 14 2009

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Category: Men's Fashion & Style, Women's Fashion & Style

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Focal Length:40mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D80

Black suit with swing jacket and pleated skirt. Suede and leather boots, patent leather bag. Stylist: Shereena Osai, Photographer: LaSheenya Henderson

Welcome to Emerge Fashion Blog. This blog will give you fashion and trend updates, tips and help you find your personal style in the world of fashion. In everything it is important to be yourself, trying to be someone else only leads to feelings of inferiority and discouragement. As it relates to fashion, who are you? If you could create any image to present to the world what would you look like? Would you wear classic clothing with ultra modern accessories? Would you want to be super edgy and funky? Or would you want to be dressed in fine suits and business wear? The first step is to find you. I am currently in the process of redefining my style. I have matured beyond my current wardrobe, and I no longer feel as though my clothing represents me. Therefore, I feel outdated, not because I don’t have the latest or greatest, but because the image I am presenting to the world does not match who I have matured into as a person. So piece by piece, cardigan by cardigan I am revamping my style. I encourage you to take some time and think of who you are as a person, and ask yourself if your current wardrobe effectively represents that person. Many people have probably never sat own and actually thought this through. But this could be the cause of negative feelings you may have about yourself, and can create frustration in many areas of your life. When you look how you feel and feel how you look, there is a certain level of confidence that is achieved and expressed (when you look your personal best). Greater confidence can affect your performance and drive, and personal relationships. So do your life a favor and truly reflect on your image…are we seeing the real you?

One comment on “Be You!”

  1. Very nice blog !

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