Time for Tights!

Purple Argile TightsLeaves are gold, green and shades of red, and sweaters and scarves are being pulled out of closets and drawers. When the temperature begins to drop I can’t help but reminisce about growing up in sunny California. However, I live in Michigan now so let’s make the most of cold weather fashions!

In California I grew up wearing skirts and dresses year-round. Skirts and dresses make me feel beautifully feminine, so I don’t let old man Winter snatch them away from me. Opaque tights have now become a Winter staple of mine. They allow me to stay warm (most important) and wear skirts and dresses Summer through Winter. Tights also add another element of style to my ensembles. The great part is that the last few years have produced an amazing variety of colored and printed tights. There are elegant hand painted ones, animal print, floral and Pucci print, argyle, hounds tooth, you name it!!! BUT, I must forewarn, if you want to take a risk and be a bit daring with your leg wear keep the rest of your outfit simple. For example, I wore my bright purple tights with a simple black and white jumper dress and black boots. The tights were the focal point, and were edgy, but I managed to still keep it classy;-)

p.s. I have found the MOTHER LOAD of fashion tights www.joyofsocks.com but Ann Taylor undoubtedly has the best quality when it comes to standard black, brown, and grey tights you will wear regularly. Of all the brands I have tried Ann Taylor tights last the longest, are the softest and you almost have to take a knife to them before they run!  You can find them online but you will find the best selection in store www.anntaylor.com


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One comment on “Time for Tights!”

  1. sweet blog! thanks for the tips on the tights!!! 🙂

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