A Man’s Function

By: ShereenaMonique

Nov 29 2009

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Category: Men's Fashion & Style

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Focal Length:140mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D

Model: Esosa Osai, Photograper: Blaine Siesser http://www.siesserphotography.com

I know it is hard for some guys to let go of old clothes and shoes. Some things have sentimental value, some things are being saved in hopes they will come back in style, and some things are classic pieces that can be worn continually. The issue is that most men are about function. If the typical man bought a winter coat 10 years ago for the purpose of keeping him warm, he will continue to use the coat for that purpose until the fabric dissolves. Some men (not all) need wardrobe discernment.

Wardrobe discernment is the ability to know what to keep, what to toss, and what to update. Anything faded, torn (beyond repair), ill-fitting (too big or small), or permanently stained needs to be tossed, no questions. These items just take up space (clutter) and hold you back from replacing them because you have convinced yourself they are still functional. Patterned pieces, jeans, ties, sneakers, jackets/blazers/coats, and boots need to be updated every few years. These things are dead giveaways when they are outdated, and can make your look flat and stale. Keep classic pieces like solid colored dress shirts, square or pointed toe dress shoes, tailored suits, basic sweaters and dress pants (flat front preferably). As long as these pieces are in good condition and fit the body you have now, you should be able to wear them for a long while. Some men love shopping and are very well dressed, if that’s you, congratulations. But if you are like most men and need a little advice, I hope this article helps;-)

If you have specific style or wardrobe questions you would like answered, please email me: shereena_k_style@yahoo.com. I am available for personal shopping and wardrobe analysis. Dress you, and enjoy doing it!


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