I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR! Now let’s ALL be honest, each of you at some point have thought, screamed or whimpered this phrase. I will be the first to admit that I thought it just yesterday after I finally accepted the fact that I could not get my dream outfit for New Years. Being forced to wear what was in my closet, I realized the statement “I have nothing to wear” may not have been true. I knew I wanted to wear a simple silhouette, something with sequins or feathers, and large danglie earrings. Another factor was warmth; I have to be warm because it’s cold and I can’t be sick. So after going back and forth in my mind I assembled the perfect outfit that fit all the criteria. A simple sun dress with a vibrant black and white print, with clear sequins that slightly catch the light. An elegant thin black sweater layered under the dress. A gold sequinned sash synched around my waist, a thick gold bangle, and shoulder sweeping, India inspired earrings. So after my “no new outfit” pout I was forced to admit to my husband that he was right and I DID have something to wear. Of course his reply was “I told you” 🙂  

The final New Years look, straight from my closet! (picture taken on my cell phone)

 Here are some tips on finding new looks in an old wardrobe: 

 -Take pictures of your outfits and create a “look book” (my next endeavor) 

With a look book of outfits you own, you can quickly assemble an outfit when you are in a pinch and need to look good fast. This will cut out the 20 minutes you spend standing in front of your closet fed up because you think you have nothing to wear. 

Stay on top of your laundry!  

When half of your clothes are in the hamper out of sight AND in unusable condition it is easy to feel like you have nothing to wear… because it’s all dirty!   

 –Consistently repair hems, holes, missing buttons, and other repairable damage to clothing.  

When your clothing gets damaged and you don’t fix or replace it quickly you won’t wear the items and will soon forget about them. If the item can be repaired, that is an injured closet player, whose down time can hinder the functionality of your wardrobe. Don’t force em on the bench if they could be scoring! (Corney, but I had to:-) 


Wear your suit pants without the jacket, take the belt off your coat and wear it with a dress, layer a summer dress over a sweater or t-shirt, switch up your accessories. When you play around and experiment you find new combinations that translate into new outfits. And this can open a new dimension in your wardrobe. 

 So, print these tips and tape them in your closet, start your look book and think twice before you mutter that phrase, because it’s probably not true…or not completely true. 

Shereena O.

 Emerge Fashion Styling


2 comments on “I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!??”

  1. These are GREAT ideas, Shereena. I absolutely love finding new outfits from what I all ready have. I love the challenge of trying to figure out which pieces from random places work together.

    I love what you put together!!! I have often been inspired by you when I see your pics of whatever to figure out what I should put together.

    good job!

  2. Thanks for the tips–very helpful! I will be putting these to good use in the new year!
    Blessings to you and Sos!

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