Quick Post: Burberry Spring 2010 Review

So I am really developing a “thing” for Burberry. As I enter a new phase of life my personal taste and style is evolving. More frequently I am choosing skirts and dresses as opposed to jeans, rich colors over high brights, and classic pieces over the here today gone tomorrow. Today I have a need to look polished, sophisticated, yet young and modern. (Enter Burberry) For the past few seasons I have been taking notice of Burberry. Their staple pieces have remained classic but have been updated to reflect modern sophistication. Their Spring 2010 collection was simple and amazing. Head designer, Christopher Bailey played with volume and explored the definition of a trench coat without boundaries. Draping, origami, and rouching were seemingly combined to create what I call “draped structure“. The fabrics looked soft and flowy because of the drape and rouching, yet they were very well controlled with meticulous construction. The twisted fabrics created volume with formation and purpose. The fresh shoulder pad trend was incorporated into the collection via exaggerated stacked shoulders that surprisingly made sense and were balanced well by the height of the platform shoes (they are another blog in themselves). Burberry, Spring 2010 is a thoughtful representation of the modern person who is sleek, sophisticated, and very much connected to their image and sense of style.
Burberry Sp 2010: Light pink double breasted trench w/ draped, stacked shoulders

Shereena O.


5 comments on “Quick Post: Burberry Spring 2010 Review”

  1. Shereena thanks for your assistance regarding the proffessional 20 something’s dilemma. I want to look polished and professional, yet young and vibrant. At times I find it difficult to not fall in the ditches of either teenie-bopper chic or office veteran couture. It’s important that I present myself in a way that is proffessional, yet age-appropriate. I’m sure your tips will help!

  2. Natalie, I totally know where you are coming from! I never thought I would be confused about how to dress, it has always been a sixth sense for me. But now I am in such a different stage of life and I am learning how to present this new person that I am just meeting myself. Thanks for reading and hopefully you will find the blog and twitter tips useful. Please feel free to message me if you ever have questions.

  3. that pink coat is just BRILLIANT! Love it!

    So sad about Alexander McQueen… 😦

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