Naeem Khan: Traditional, Contemporary, Glamour


Designer Naeem Khan

So this week at Saks I briefly met Indian-American designer Naeem Khan. Before meeting Naeem, I had an encounter with his gowns last year at Saks. When I first saw the stunning pieces from his collection, I felt as if I was seeing an evening gown for the first time. Naeem brings the exquisite beading of India to high fashion, creating some of the most stunning gowns I have laid eyes on. The boldness of the materials: sterling silver, Swarovski crystal, glass, pearls, against the elegant cuts of the gowns is extraordinary.
It seems as if some designers become famous over night, by raw talent and celebrity clients. But I know better. It takes years of hard work and persistence to get world-wide recognition for your work. The story behind Naeem Khan’s success is almost a fashion fairytale, with hard work in the mix. His father and grandfather were designers and embroiders for royal families in India. Naeem grew up under their tutelage. As a teenager Mr. Khan immigrated to the United States where he interned for Halston. He combined the rich beading and embroidering skills of his family and culture, with simple silhouettes and sleek draping he learned from Halston to create masterful gowns and garments that offer the decadence of India and the simplicity of American design.

Today at Saks, a rep from Naeem Khan showed the latest collection, and I saw a dress that struck me silent…if my husband and I renew our vows, I hope to do it in a Naeem Khan Gown.

-Shereena Monique







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