Men Skinny Jeans…YIKES!

Men and skinny jeans…YIKES! So let me just say that I think things are going too far…men in jeggings?! Dude, not cool. I have been amazed at this man skinny jean thing. When I saw it on the runway a while ago, I did not think it would walk off the runway into everyday. Now, I am seeing men, real men, not paid models, wearing skin tight jeans…huh? Is fashion that great of a dictator to force a grown man into a pair of but hugging jeans? I am sorry to come off so strong, but I need to vent.

So here is the question…does the issue of modesty affect men as well? Can a man be immodestly dressed? If so, what would you consider immodest dress for a man? Skinny jeans and jeggings (a denim legging) can be too much for women if worn improperly. But for a man, it is way too much.

Men, please be careful. effeminacy is rampant in “high fashion”, do not sacrifice your masculinity on the alter of style. Fashion has to have limits, but it seems that there are none, so you have to draw the line yourself.

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