What’s A Man To Do?

When it comes to accessorizing it seems that guys have very few choices, while the options for women are limitless. BUT men easily get stuck in ruts because most avoid shopping like the plague.

Guys, this is a refresher to highlight the options you do have to accessorize and bring a lift to your look!

Hats: Hats are a great option to add depth to your look and there are many styles to choose from giving you even more options.

Wrist Accents: Watches are a classic male accessory and can be the statement piece of jewelry a man owns. But bracelets have made a come back in recent years. A nice thick bracelet can add a tasteful layer of style to a man’s look.

Rings: Let’s not get too carried away when it comes to rings but one or two rings can bring a little flair.

Necklaces: Keep it simple and seldom when it comes to necklaces. It can make men look like they are trying too hard. But a simple chain and masculine charm with a button up shirt or graphic tee is appropriate every once in a while.

Earrings: I have nothing to say about this, it is a personal choice. But if you want to know, I lean more towards no, no.

Belts: This is where a man can really express his personal style. Belts come in so many widths, and buckles can be very classic and clean, or huge and expressive depending on what look is desired. But I encourage men to really choose belts and buckles carefully because they say a lot about you and can add a great deal of style.

Ties and pocket squares: ties are without question the most popular male accessory (what do you always think of when shopping for dad?). This is a very important accessory especially for work. They should be chosen carefully, also the knot used should be considered. The thickness of the knot says a lot about a man’s style as well.

Sunglasses: Huge style statement! Functional and fashionable. Have fun with shades!

Scarves: Men wearing scarves for fashion and not just function is a recent fashion phenomena. But consider your lifestyle and the look you want to project before you wrap!  

The Man Bag: Unless you actually need a bag for functional reasons, let’s NOT and not even say we did…

Wow, after listing this all out, men have more options than we thought! So men please take thought about your accessory options, maximize what you have, add some new trendy pieces and up you look! I also challenge you to buy or borrow and wear a new type of accessory that you don’t usually wear, like a bracelet, hat or tie and see how it feels for a day!

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