Dressing Your Body Shape!

Dressing your body shape is all about balance. And it is very easy once you learn a few simple rules! Balance in dress can be achieved with colors, patterns and volume.


-Warm colors pop (yellow, red, orange, white) Cool colors recede (blue, green, purple, black).

-Large patterns pop, small patterns recede.

-Horizontal stripes/lines make things look wider, vertical stripes/lines make things look longer.

So armed with these few facts you can easily learn how to balance your body shape. The human eye is attracted to things that are balanced. Things that are balanced appear attractive. This is why we want to achieve balance when dressing our shapes.

So for me:

Since I am nursing, my upper body is larger than my lower body. How can I balance my shape?

-Wear cool colors on my upper body and warm colors on my lower body (making my upper body appear smaller with a receding color, and my lower body appear larger with a color that pops)

-Wear smaller prints on top and larger prints on bottom.

-Wear voluminous skirts and sleek tops with few embellishments.

And these can be intermixed. For instance, I can wear a skirt with a bold print and a top in a cool color to match the skirt. All of these will help create balance, by making my top look small and my lower body appear a bit larger. And of course there are many other things that can be done to balance your shape with clothing, this is just a basic starting point.

What is your body shape? How can you create balance?

2 comments on “Dressing Your Body Shape!”

  1. Lovely post! I think I am pear shaped, or have a upright triangle shape. I am thin, and tall. Any ideas?

    Adieu, scribbler

  2. Very interesting! 🙂

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