Modesty…what does this mean? It sounds like an old and ancient word that brings to mind plain clothes and hair, no make-up, ankle length skirts and shirts with Peter Pan collars buttoned all the way up to the neck. But is this what modesty is? Is this what modesty means for this generation?

Today, fashion in most countries has drifted so far from what was considered modest in past generations. The word modest and fashion seem like polar opposites. But is there a middle ground, is it possible to be fashionable and modest simultaneously? I believe so, you can be stylish, fresh, on trend and modest at the same time. How you ask? By picking and choosing which trends to participate in. By layering under or over garments that are revealing, too tight or short. And also, if the current ready to war trends are too skimpy in a certain season, you can focus on the current accessories or color pallet. I have never seen a pair of earrings that I would consider immodest.

To women concerned with modesty, how would you define modesty? And what are some of your tricks to pointing fashion forward and staying covered?

2 comments on “Modesty?”

  1. Modesty to me is making sure there isn’t too much skin shown when we dress. I love off the shoulder tops, but if I wear them I make myself pick one body part shown over the other. If I have an off the shoulder top on I’ll have more loosely fit type of pants on. And I don’t wear things that are too short or that rise up too much when I walk. I wouldn’t mind a little cleavage if I was at a beach alone with my husband, but not at a beach with family members or friends…too much boobage! cleavage for me, on my type of body is showing too much. If my top is more loosely fit I’ll sometimes wear a more form fitting pair of pants;) I love sweater dresses, or putting shirts up under what would’ve been revealing tops.

    • Being mindful of not showing too much skin is a very good way of staying modest. Not showing cleavage in my wedding dress was very important to me. It was hard finding a dress I felt good in and that covered me up top. I just could not bear the thought of my father walking me and my bare breasts down the isle! I was able to find a beautiful gown that covered me. Being modest takes thought and effort, but being a Godly woman is worth it!

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