Men’s Wear Trends::Spring 2012

Although it is still cold in many parts of the country and the world, Spring fashion is upon us. Walk into any retail store and you will know what I mean. All of Winter is on the sale and clearance racks while bright colors and light fabrics adorn the mannequins and display windows.

So, to help you navigate and know what to buy when your climate tells you it’s time to shed the pea coat, gloves and hat, let’s take a survey of men’s Spring 2012 fashions and trends.

Prints and Textured Fabrics:

This season, prints and textured fabric is very important. You want to find classically cut jackets in unexpected check prints or a unique texture. You want to wear a unique printed shirt in subtle colors under and muted color jacket. Since we are seeing more subtle prints, it is easy to mix and patch prints and textures or prints with prints.

The Double Breasted Jacket:

They are back in a big way. A bit cropped, but a double-breasted jacket feels old world, but when you pair them with fitted pants and a contemporary shoe the look is crisp and modern.

Play on Volume:

Fitted pants with loose jackets, fitted tops with wide pants, this is what is being shown. You want to be careful with this though and really think about your personal body proportions and if this trend is one that would wear well on you.

Color, Color, Color:

Bright colors are shinning. Giving men options and looks very tasteful when matched with many of the neutral, muted grays, taupes, and navy’s that are prevalent.

Color Blocking:

Garments that have blocks of contrasting colors. Looks modern and fresh.

Waist Jackets:

Youthful, fresh and cut away from the body. This look is definitely a nod to the 1930’s but is done in a way men today can relate to in their lives and wardrobes.

Wearing Contrasting Colors:

A black jacket with white pants or vice-versa. Looks old and new, easy to wear.


Simple garments, minimal embellishments (buttons, pockets, seaming, etc.) really allowing color play, prints, textures and proportions to do the talking. Most embellishments will be subtle and unexpected.

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