Plus Size PLEASE! Follow-Up…

Betsey Ruched Dress from

A while back I posted a blog entitled Plus Size PLEASE! In this post I had plus size women on facebook give me feedback on challenges they face while shopping. Some of the responses were fit, quality and limited selection.

ShereenaMonique solutions:

In regards to the fit of plus size clothing, I must say the best solution is tailoring. You do not have to have everything tailored, but investment pieces like suits, slacks, evening wear and even jeans you want to have professionally tailored.  Proper fit is so important to the way your clothing looks on you and even how you feel in them. And, tailoring is not as expensive as you would think, and finding an independent tailor is even less expensive than most dry cleaners or department store tailing services

The concern about quality is important. Most plus size clothing costs a bit more so making sure you get quality is very important. The key is again, spending more on investment pieces. Some things you can go cheap on (t-shirts, some tops, lounge wear, etc.) but you want to be sure to buy quality suits, slacks, shoes, handbags, and jeans. This means that you may have to go to a high end department store like Saks Online, Nordstrom (sometimes Macy’s) or a specialty boutique store. It is better to spend a lot on one suit that will last at least five years, than to buy cheap and have to buy a new one every year. And you want to be sure you get quality jeans because we basically LIVE in jeans and quality jeans fit much better, feel much better and last wayyyy longer!

The limited selection issue is very frustrating, and a solution to this is buying online and finding good boutiques, and connecting with a good salesman at your favorite stores who will call you as soon as new merchandise comes in so you can get first picks. Shopping boutiques is great because you are likely to find unique pieces that are more exclusive, and the boutique owner may have catalogues that you can special order from, giving you access to merchandise that is not even in their store! I know online shopping is not ideal because you cannot try on, BUT there is a much wider selection online and lots of online boutiques. One plus size store I found online is They have a GREAT selection of dresses especially, and they cater exclusively to plus size women. And many online retailers offer free shipping if you order a certain amount and some even offer free return labels.

I hope this helps plus size ladies! Feel free to post questions or comments.


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