CardigANS, CardIGANS, CARDIGANS Cashmere Blend, Herringbone Knit - Casual Look


Let’s talk about the garment that can double as an accessory, can go from day to night, add style and class to a t-shirt and jeans and keep a chill off your arms…that’s right folks we are talking about CARDIGANS! I will be the first to admit that I have underestimated the wardrobe force of the cardigan. They pack a serious function punch and as of lately have style like never before. Cardigans always made me think of old ladies in sweater sets, private school kids or Mr. Rogers, let’s be honest. But, cardigans have undergone a major upgrade and now must be given serious consideration. The best part is that Cardigans are chic for men and women. Cardigans were named after the 7th Earl of Cardigan, James Thomas Brudenell, a British military commander during the Crimean War, the cardigan sweater is normally manufactured by machine or hand knitted from wool ( Cardigans were further popularized in the 17th century in France and the Brittish Isles where fisherman wore the sweaters to keep warm on cold days at sea. Today however, the cardigan serves as a great layering piece, a stylish way to keep your arms warm in a tank or sleeveless top, Cardigans are also a chic way for men to keep warm and add style in the Fall when it may not be cold enough for a jacket. The vamped styling of the cardigan is what has given rise to it’s recent popularity however. It’s no longer your grandpa’s sweater. Details like knit texture and thickness, ornamentation like metal studs, zipper and button styles, appliqués, print and color are things that add style to this classic piece making it a staple for younger generations now too.
Cardigan Style Tips: Cardigan style suggestions for dressy, casual, hip and chic looks.
Dressy Look: Crew neck, thin knit wool or cashmere, elegant buttons, solid color

Casual: V-neck or crew neck, solid or pattern, cable knit or thin knit.

Hip: Shawl collar cardigan, cable knit, solid or pattern, long, large buttons

Chic: Wrap or side button cardigan, shawl collar, pattern or print. Or open front wrap cardigan that can hang long in front or be tied/wrapped around the body

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Dressy: V-Neck or standing collar, thin to medium knit, simple buttons or zipper

Casual: V-Neck, ribbed or cable knit, pattern or solid

Hip: Stripped, patterned or color trimmed, low or high v-neck with pockets

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